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The World Congress on Clinical Pediatrics for the year of 2019 is coming with full-fledged research and latest innovations in Pediatrics healthcare. This conference will be an immense platform which is going to provide an overwhelmed rostrum where a pediatric researcher feel gratified to be a part of this Clinical Pediatrics Conference which is going to be held during May 09-10, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Clinical Pediatrics Congress deeply perceived, in many instances, children are becoming the host for the new and unpredicted diseases which are propelling with day by day variations as the newborn, child, adolescents are with undeveloped immunity in compared to an adult. As a confrontation to these new developing diseases the latest researches and new techniques are able to overcome the childhood diseases and marking up tomorrow’s child health with a livelihood and complete awareness. The conference will speak on a theme -Current Evolution of Latest Theories and Therapies to Save a Child.

Certificates and Accreditations

General and Clinical Pediatrics Pediatric Nursing - Critical Care Neonatology & Perinatology Pediatric Clinical Case Reports Pediatric Neurology Pediatric Cardiology Pediatric Otolaryngology / Otorhinolaryngology Pediatric Genetics Pediatric Oncology & Care Pediatric Surgery Pediatric Vaccination Pediatric Nutrition Ortho Pediatrics Pediatric Dentistry Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Pediatric Immune & Allergic Disorders Child Abuse Pediatric Rehabilitation Pediatric Rheumatology Pediatric Dermatology Pediatric Uro and Nephrology Therapies Pediatric Endocrinology

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