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A Chinese surgeon collaborated with Huawei and China Mobile to operate on the brain of a Parkinson's disease patient 3,000 km away using a 5G connection according to China Daily. 

With help from China Mobile and Chinese technology giant Huawei, China’s PLA General Hospital (PLAGH) performed the operation on Saturday using 5G technology. Performed by Ling Zhipei, the chief physician of the First Medical Center at PLAGH, the operation implanted a deep brain stimulation (DBS) device in the patient’s brain to help control Parkinson’s symptoms.

Ling, who rotates between PLAGH main campus in Beijing and PLAGH’s Hainan Hospital 3,000 kilometers away, performed the delicate surgery in about three hours.

"I take turns working in Beijing and Hainan, and the operation took place during my Hainan rotation. A patient with Parkinson's in Beijing needed surgery and couldn't fly to Hainan, the 5G network has solved problems like video lag and remote control delay experienced under the 4G network, ensuring a nearly real-time operation. And you barely feel that the patient is 3,000 kilometers away, "Ling said. 

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